The mission of Performing Arts Educators,  a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is to inspire individuals and strengthen performing arts organizations by creating access to iconic venues.  Performing Arts Educators provides major performance opportunities for pre-professional performing arts talent to appear in supportive, noncompetitive and major venues. By combining the resources of talented and qualified performing groups, Performing Arts Educators is able to access venues of world stature for groups of moderate means.  These performance opportunities often include Master Classes with professionals who are currently active in their fields.

At Performing Arts Educators, we address the situations common to all performing arts educators, whether independent or affiliated with an educational institution. We strive to educate performing groups on how to self-fund the opportunities presented them, allowing individual performing groups to become viable, independent businesses, whether profit or nonprofit. Our mission is to strengthen amateur performing arts groups by offering them inspiring and reasonably inexpensive access to world class venues such as all the below.