Here’s what people are saying about Performing Arts Educators:


“Thank you for another amazing experience! My students and their families had a wonderful time, and enjoyed the whole day. You and your staff do a fantastic job organizing all this and I am very grateful. I wish that our schedules allowed us to perform with you more often, but please be assured we will always try to incorporate PAE in our plans.  Thank you once again. On a professional business note, I thank you for providing these opportunities for my students. And on a personal note, I thank you for giving my little boy memories that will last him a lifetime :)” -Lorinda H, 2016


“The girls had such a good time, and the memory of performing at Carnegie will always be with them. How cool is that? Parents who joined us and parents who sent their kids off with us, are thanking us for such a positive experience. If you hadn’t made these trips so positive, I may not have continued along the PAE path. You’ve gone above and beyond in your support and encouragement. Your warmth and friendship have added so much.”- Fontaine D, 2016


“Thank you for such a wonderful experience at Carnegie Hall this weekend. Everyone has such a blast!!!  You all work very hard and it’s noticed!!  Thanks again!” -Michelle W, 2016


“Thank you so, so much for the wonderful opportunity to perform at Carnegie this past week.  The whole experience was completely life changing for my students” – Tom D., 2015


“Thank you for taking the time to make the Carnegie Hall adventure a success this weekend.  My singers and I had an absolutely extraordinary day.  You helped create a once in a lifetime experience for these young musicians that they will carry with them for their entire lives. I hope that you each know how important your job is in shaping the next generation of young musicians.  This experience will hook many of them for life.  I am overall very pleased with the way the festival turned out.  More than anything, I am just thrilled that my singers had the opportunity, and they loved every second.  Thank you for your hard work and effort.  I hope that we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.”  -Jeffrey B., 2015


“I just wanted to send you one last message thanking you for the Carnegie seats this past Saturday. It was one of the highlights of our trip, and we enjoyed the performances immensely. What your organization does is fantastic, and we were happy to be able to see it unfold in such an historically significant concert hall. Again, thank you, and all the best to you and the Performing Arts Educators!”- Paul B., 2015


“Thank you for an incredible weekend of celebrating the arts community in such a vibrant way.  The Carnegie Hall experience will prove to be a highlight of my students’ high school careers.”- Jason S., 2015


“Dear Matt

It has taken me close to two weeks to formulate the words to adequately thank you and your team for the wonderful experience at the recent Carnegie Hall event.

Newfield is an extremely rural school, with a high percentage of families that are on or below the poverty line. The members of the Concert Choir are no exception. Many of these students have never left Tompkins county, let alone been to a major metropolitan city or performed in a place more formal than our school auditorium. The opportunity to  perform at Carnegie Hall was a eye-opening and inspiration event for these young people. They now walk a little taller and hold themselves with a new confidence thanks to this experience. Additionally, this event, and the process of preparing and fundraising for it, has invigorated and reignited the community’s passion for the arts, especially our music department.

My sincerest gratitude to you and PAE is immense. Thank you.” -Alexander M., 2015


“Dear Sylvia,

Words cannot express my gratitude for all of the folks who helped to make the debut performance of the Mansfield University Concert Choir in Carnegie Hall an unforgettable event.  The performance ranks among the greatest thrills in my life as I watched the faces of those students experience a dream come true!  Sometimes when we envision something we would like to happen in our lives, we are disappointed when it finally takes place and doesn’t meet our expectations.   Not true for us last Saturday!

We will never forget walking on that stage to a house full of cheering fans welcoming me and the Concert Choir to that prestigious hall.  Literally, there were hundreds of alumni, parents, and friends of the Mansfield University choral program who came to support us as we experienced a life-time event.   We all felt embraced by their presence and affection!

Let the memory of the day linger a long-time!

Thank you for all of your work behind the scenes!”  -Peggy D., 2014


“Matt and the Entire Performing Arts Educators Team,

Sincere thanks for a wonderful opportunity both for my students and me on Saturday.  Words cannot describe the emotions and enjoyment that we all felt as a result of your efforts to put the show together.  It was an experience that none of us will ever, ever forget.  Thank you for allowing us to dream big:)”  -Jill D., 2014


LOVED!!!! LOVED!!! The Carnegie Hall experience.  It was truly a beautiful show.  And Sylvia is an absolute delight–professional, competent, helpful, kind, etc.   A wonderful addition to your already delightful team.”- Kathie K, 2014



“Sylvia and the crew of PAE,

We had a FABULOUS time at the Opry!  You made everything run smoothly and made it FUN for the kids and Jeff & I.  You gave us a tremendous opportunity and wonderful memories that we will hold onto for years to come.
Thank you for your organization, your kindness and your patience with my incessant questions!  It was truly AMAZING!’ – Meghan W., 2015



“Hi Matt,

…….The Scotland trip was such a tremendous hit, that I believe you have my dancers hooked. Our weekend in NY was also extremely successful. The kids had a fantastic time.

Thank you for making the PAE experiences so meaningful. You’re all very kind and welcoming!”- Fontaine D, 2015


“Dear Matt,
Thank you for all of your kind words.  They mean a great deal.  We all enjoyed our Lincoln Center experience very much.  Not only is P.A.E. wonderful to work with, but we also enjoyed the company and experiences of meeting the directors and performers from the other schools.  For my school to come together with such great talent is so wonderful.  The positive, non-competive experiences that you provide is priceless.
From the 2000 Sydney Olympics to Lincoln Center it has been a blessing working with you.  Please know how important you are to many!”- Madeline B, 2015