Olympics: London 2012

During the summer of 2012, hundreds of our young performers shared in the excitement of dancing in the Performing Arts Educators’ London Olympic Invitational  2012  while millions of visitors came to the London Summer Olympics.  London was the place to be that summer  Students performed at Island Gardens on the Thames River directly across from the Olympic equestrian events and at Warwick Castle for the All-England Dance Festival, plus toured London.  1,200 of our performers visited this great city during our London Invitational 2012 and experienced the place to be in all the world in 2012!

Performing Arts Educators was due to bring groups to Rio for the Rio Olympic Invitational in 2016 but unfortunately, due to unrest in the city, it was decided that Barcelona would be an alternate location for our Invitational to be held.


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Warwick Castle Venue

Island Gardens Venue



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